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August 2020. pp. 183-190
The current research aims to illunimate collocation frequency and patterns of English intensifiers by means of British National Corpus (BNC) and Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA). In addition, positive or negative collocations of intensifiers are retrieved and analyzed to acquire succinct information regarding the use of intensifier collocations and to compare American and British English collocation patterns. The information of intensifier collocations is expected to be utilized as meaningful and practical English learning materials in classrooms as well as actual situations of life. English teachers are suggested to teach vital collocation knowledge and encourage students’ self-directed learning through the use of world-leading corpora such as BNC and COCA.
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  • Publisher :The Modern Linguistic Society of Korea
  • Publisher(Ko) :한국현대언어학회
  • Journal Title :The Journal of Studies in Language
  • Journal Title(Ko) :언어연구
  • Volume : 36
  • No :2
  • Pages :183-190